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One Piece: Baron Omatsuri And The Secret Island Full Movie Free Download

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646f9e108c The Straw Hat Pirates received an advertisement on a recreational island. The offers all looked promising, so they sailed to the island for an opportunity to kick back and relax from their journey across the Grand Line. The site of the resort looks like a dream come true. Only our heroes find themselves greeted by the head of the island: Baron Omatsuri. He asks all 7 of them to compete in a series of contests for their granted relaxation. Luffy accepts the challenge, and they all find this island to be not so average. There is however a mystery shrouded on the recreational paradise. Such as why are the Straw Hat Pirates the only tourists around? And why is Baron hold the only flower of the island?
First thing I feel I have to say is that this movie gets real dark real fast.. It starts off as a usual One Piece movie, they are laughing, having a good time and stuff like that, but… About 50 minutes into the movie everything changes and it becomes dark and creepy, scary even. I didn't expect that to happen, and to be honest it scared the hell out of me. I absolutely love it, I have always been a fan of dark creepy things and this was perfect. my brother said it looked like something straight out of a creepy-pasta. I highly suggest watching this one even if you don't like the unusual animation, and if your a fan of creepy stuff like me then I can almost guarantee you'll Love it.
I hunted down this movie because it was the first feature-length film helmed entirely by Mamoru Hosoda, who went on to do Summer Wars and Wolf Children. I have not seen any of the other One Piece movies, although I did watch the first couple of seasons of the series before (loved it at first, but the formula gets old). <br/><br/>It&#39;s a cute, nutty movie with a theme of friendship and the usual One Piece over-the-top craziness. There are definitely Hosoda touches in the design, which looks just a little different from that of the series, but it is still very much along the lines of what I&#39;ve seen before. It&#39;s not a movie that would make you expect the director would go on to brilliance, but it&#39;s not a movie that makes you think that would never happen, either.

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